Friday, June 6, 2008

Back to work again...

Well, I'm back to blogging after a wonderful week with our 3 grand children in Florida. The Big Guy and I spent all of our time playing, holding, loving and spoiling our three precious jewels. JB is a lively, entertaining little boy who in my eyes in a genius. Dia, our drama queen, is so much fun to be around cause you never know what she is going to do. Then there's our Flowersy Girl who at 3 months is the light of her Pappy's life. I'm only going to post 3 pictures, I promise, and
then we'll move on..(okay 4)


Well, was I right in saying these babies are too, too sweet! God has blessed us so richly.
Now on to what's happening in the life and trials of the Noble's; We have been back in the states for a week and are looking forward to beginning revival services in Winston-Salem, NC at the Samaritan Baptist Church where Brother Danny Smith is the pastor. We have been going to this church for over 20 years now and hope the Lord will continue to use us. We always have a great time with the church members, most of them we've known for so many years. It's like a home coming for us to be there. We've seen children grow into adults and now have families of thier own. We've seen the "home going" of husbands and of wives and how God has lifted up those left behind. I'm so glad God has let us be a part of this church family for so many years.
I'll send out news on the revival later so stay in touch.

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