Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Newest Church Established...

We had a wonderful time in Romania and God blessed us greatly. We formally established the Ineu De Cris Baptist Church at our children's homes. This will be for serveral reasons, mainly this wioll provide a church for our children to go to. When we go into the village we take over the small churches there. This will also solve our transportation problems of getting everyone to a church, now they just walk to it! This will also give us an opportunity to be a lighthouse to our village. We already have a few people who come to our services we hold at the homes. The cost to build a church on our property will be approximately $15,000-$18,000. So please pray with us that God will supply this need.

I had meant to write while I was there but I couldn't find a spare minute do it. When I had the time the Internet was down. It rained every single day we were there. Our children are counting down the days until school is out and they can have a little time off. I have found kids are the same no matter where they live!!! We have one of our older girls, Timea, graduating on June the 6th. She will be our 4th child to graduate from high school. It's so sad and yet exciting at the same time to see these children grow up and going out on their own. We only have five of our "original" children we started out with almost 10 years ago. God has blessed us so much.

On a sadder note; two of our older girls, who had recently moved out, faced a real trajety in their lives while we were there. Dorina and Ana Maria's mother whom they had just resently made contact with again died of cancer. We went to the funeral and it was so very sad to see the faces of the people there. Most have no hope beyond what today brings and the only way they knew how to deal with this death was to be stone drunk. It greived my heart for the girls sake and made me so glad that we were able to have them in our home for almost

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