Thursday, March 19, 2009

The First Youth Camp in Argao, Philippines

                AND HELP!!! 
      Calling all prayer warriors!
 I need your prayers and your help. 

       We are planning on having the first youth camp in the Philippines this May.  We are expecting 200+ children to attend.  The picture to the left is of the local school property that we are going to rent. When Pastor Ambo and his wife, Anafe, went looking for a place we could hold this meeting, they stopped by this school yard to see if it would be big enough. When the Principle found out what we wanted to rent it for she became very excited. She told our pastor that she also is a Christian and wants to come and be a worker for the Youth Camp. We can have a 4 day camp, supplying all their food,water and beds for $20 a child!  
You would spend $20.00 on a nice meal, or on a couple of hamburgers, or on a gallon of milk and a few things to snack on.  
When we break it down to the cost of something that will be gone in a moment to the soul of a young person, there is no comparison. 


        We are so excited about the opportunity to present the Gospel to these kids. Most of them have never been to church before or have never heard a clear Gospel message on salvation! It is so sad that getting the gospel to these boys and girls all comes down to money.  We have the wonderful opportunity to give them a chance to spend 4 days being saturated with God's Word. If you have ever been to Youth Camp, you know the impact it has on you as a teen. 

     It was at a youth camp that Harrell and I met and fell in love. It was at a camp where our our son Brad surrendered to preach. It was at a camp (Jubilee) where our oldest son, Brian was saved!  So many young people surrendered their lives to serve the Lord or learned how to walk closer to the Lord while attending a Youth Camp. Now, we want to present that opportunity to the youth of Argao, Philippines. The fields are white unto harvest and it's our job to bring them in. We just can't do it on our own. We need people like you to help us.
      We have the children, we have the workers, we have the WORD.....
What we need are people to sponsor a child to go to camp! Please read this and then send it on to as many people as you can. Take part in making a difference in a child's future. "What profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul....."

If you'd like to help us, help them..... 
you can contact us at:
or at: 219-670-0247
or at: 

P. O. Box 136160
Fort Worth, Texas 76136
If you are writing a check please make it out to BNCF 
and on the memo write "Youth Camp/Philippines" on it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Precious Grand Children


Well, I tried to wait but just couldn't! I have some really great pictures of our grand children and I want to share them with you. It's amazing how much you can love those babies! I mean, I love my son and my daughter more than words can express, but when I hold any one of my 3 grand children, my heart just melts. Especially when little Lily Jean, who I call my Lily Bud, wraps her chubby little arms around me and pats me on the arms, I feel like I have just been blessed with the most precious gift I could ever receive!  Lily is a curious little girl who has a streak of the adventurer in her.  She started walking at 9 months. I don't mean holding on to stuff, I'm talking about arms out to the side like wings and plowing through anything that got in her way! I guess because she has 2 older siblings she just figured if she was going to get to be with them she was going to have to stay up! 

What a joy she is to me and her Pappy. She loves her Pappy! When she sees him she gets all stiff, clenches her fists and kind of growls at him! Needless to say Harrell just loves that.  He is such a great grand dad to the kids. I love seeing him playing and interacting with them.

Lily turned 1 year old on February 22 and we were able to be there for her party. She had a blast eating her cake which she really got into! She even had it under her toes, but that didn't stop her!

I wish I could recapture that feeling of excitement, that newness that she experiences with each new day! Her face shows it all!!                  

  Lily is so excitable and she really shows exactly how she feels all the time!! 

Jacob was so happy with his Spiderman umbrella. He drug it around with him and even ate with it at the table. I can't wait for him to actually get to use it in the rain!
He got all kids of other toys and had a blast playing with everything. It was almost like having  a birthday party for him and Lydia also!

Lydia Mae, our little princess,was so thrilled with her princess umbrella that she took it to bed with her that night! That and her yellow high heels! I can't believe how much they have grown and how well their parents are doing in raising them. 
If I sound a little braggadocios it's because I have reason to be. God has blessed me with 3 of the most precious jewels in my crown of old age! All I can say is thank you Jesus for this gift you have bestowed upon me!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pictures from the Philippines...

   rice paddy's on Negros, Philippines

The ladies in the church cook the rice to be served at the feeding sites. Sometimes they have chicken to add to it......

   and sometimes just the feet!!!

bought this stove and supplies to feed kids

   the children were timid but hungry

 A group of yours and my fellow christians in Negros, Philippines.
Pray with us that God will bless us with souls saved through these works and I'll be sending out more through out the weeks to come.

Open Field's White Unto Harvest...

                               Striving to reaching the young and the old for Jesus Christ.....
                                          The terraced rice paddy fields of the Philippines

When you touch a child's life you touch their future....

How thrilling it was to visit the islands of Cebu and Negros in the Philippines and serve the Lord in preaching and helping the needy.  We had such a great time visiting 4 national pastors that we have begun to support and setting up 9 Feeding Sites. We also had the privilege of preaching at the Berean Baptist Church and participating in their Christian School Awards Sunday. It was a joy to see these children ranging in age from 6 up 16 years old singing about our Lord and quoting scripture. I praise the Lord for the dedication the church members have for the school. It is all run by the church and there are no paid teachers. 
Harrell and I were blown away at the beauty of the Philippines and at the same time heartbroken at the poverty we found.  
With the 9 feeding sites set up now, we can supply 2700 meals a week plus the opportunity to share the gospel to the children and parents each time. The national pastors are using this "tool" to reach the lost and bring them into the church so they can grow in the Lord.
I am going to do another post of just pictures and let you share in what the Lord is doing with the BNCF. We now have 5 ministries on 4 continents. The praise goes to the Lord first and to all of the people who support the Foundation and us.