Monday, March 2, 2009

Open Field's White Unto Harvest...

                               Striving to reaching the young and the old for Jesus Christ.....
                                          The terraced rice paddy fields of the Philippines

When you touch a child's life you touch their future....

How thrilling it was to visit the islands of Cebu and Negros in the Philippines and serve the Lord in preaching and helping the needy.  We had such a great time visiting 4 national pastors that we have begun to support and setting up 9 Feeding Sites. We also had the privilege of preaching at the Berean Baptist Church and participating in their Christian School Awards Sunday. It was a joy to see these children ranging in age from 6 up 16 years old singing about our Lord and quoting scripture. I praise the Lord for the dedication the church members have for the school. It is all run by the church and there are no paid teachers. 
Harrell and I were blown away at the beauty of the Philippines and at the same time heartbroken at the poverty we found.  
With the 9 feeding sites set up now, we can supply 2700 meals a week plus the opportunity to share the gospel to the children and parents each time. The national pastors are using this "tool" to reach the lost and bring them into the church so they can grow in the Lord.
I am going to do another post of just pictures and let you share in what the Lord is doing with the BNCF. We now have 5 ministries on 4 continents. The praise goes to the Lord first and to all of the people who support the Foundation and us.

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