Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Around the World...

      Well, I am sad and glad at the same time.... Sad Christmas is over, but oh so glad it's over! I know, I'm a bit confusing aren't I! We had  fantastic Christmas for the children in Romania. We were blessed with the help of 5 great friends this year. Brenda Bowden, Michelle Finney, Debbie Yokeley and Amber White  all came from the Samaritan baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC where Brother Danny Smith pastors. This was Brenda and Michelle's second trip over with us. They are so helpful to me. All I have to do now is give them a list of what's needed and send them off in the stores! We also had Brother Micheal Houston from the Fundamental Baptist Church in Livingston, LA where Brother Rusty Silvertooth pastors.  This was his 2nd trip also.  He, Brenda and Chelle all sponsor one of our children. So it is a joy for the children to see them once again.

     I am always amazed at what good children they are right before Christmas!! I guess you could say that kids are the same all the world over. We had fewer parties this year since we no longer have the feeding center in Romania and we combined the teens with one of the other homes. The teens didn't like it too much until I guaranteed them that it wouldn't diminish the amount of food they would get!! They were real happy about that.

       We also had a wonderful time passing out Christmas baskets and groceries to our widows.  It broke my heart to see Granny Margaret bed ridden when we stopped by to see her. I was so happy to find her daughter there to care for her. She is our first "granny" we took on to care for. She is a dedicated and precious saint of the Lord. She is 90 years old now and just wor
n out. I know her time here is growing short but her reward is going to be realized soon. 
I told her that as soon as we are both in Heaven we were going to sit down and have a good long talk! 
     We are going to Honduras and to Asia soon to share Christmas and New Years with them. It doesn't matter to them one bit that we bring gifts after Christmas or not. If you don't receive a gift on Christmas Day then what does it matter the date if the celebration is the same!! 
To often we are encumbered with the festivities and wrapping and food that surround Christmas that we forget that without the birth of our Lord we wouldn't have salvation. So we should be grateful for more than the birth of a baby and celebrate HIS "birthday" every day.

     Please pray for us as we endeavor to do our best for the Lord in whatever country we are in. Our goal and heart's desire is to see souls saved and God's saints revived for His soon coming. We have faced some hard trials this year but through it all we have seen the hand of God and He has opened so many more doors for us to serve him in.  Until next time, God bless and lead you in HIS paths for your life.