Saturday, April 17, 2010


I hope everyone out there is enjoying the spring time flower and beauty as much as I am! I have revealed in the smallest things, like a sprout of a Hosta plant pushing its head up out of the dirt to seeing in unwrap its leaves out to catch the gentle kiss of the rain. I love Daffodils and each year my sweet husband brings me a handful to welcome spring. This year he found some growing along side fence behind a church we were at and brought them to me in an old Dixie cup! They were the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

With spring time always comes that instinct of women to begin "spring cleaning"! We had 3 days off and I asked Harrell if we could go back to our house and do a little cleaning! Well, I knew if I had told him all I wanted to accomplish he never would have agreed cause he knows I would make him work too! We hadn't been back to our house since sometime in October and only for a couple of nights then. In 2009 we spent a total of 84 days in our house! This is about four times what we usually do! The only reason we were there that long was because of Harrell having back surgery in July.
So we got back to the house and I began a mad rush at cleaning! The more I cleaned , the more I saw what needed doing, and the more I did, the more the Lord began to speak to my heart! I sat on my big fluffy chair one afternoon and thought about how my heart needed a good spring cleaning also! We as women are so busy "doing" good things for our families, friends, work or church that we end up with all this clutter and junk crowding up in our hearts. So I took time out of my busy schedule to clean and did a thorough clean up job on my old heart.
I want to brag on my dear husband, cause he vacuumed every carpet and then cleaned them till they look like new! Although there were several times I went looking for him and found him "deep in work" on the truck as he listened to Rush Limbaugh. He only hid from me a few times to get out of work. As I think back on it, he was too willing to run to the store and took an awful long time coming home....hmmmm!
Enjoy spring, but take a moment to look deep inside your heart and do a little dusting, polishing or down right srubbing for a Clean Spring Heart!!