Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A New Year, A New Vision....

How wonderful it is to serve our Lord, Jesus Christ! I stand in amazement at how God supplies the needs of the BNCF each and every day.

At this moment Harrell and I are in Vietnam experiencing so many new things. I rode a motorcycle, side saddle, to church! For some this is just a way of life, but for me this was something very new. I found out that I can ride side saddle, in a skirt with my stilettos on!!

God has allowed us to meet and visit with many of the widows our foundation cares for. we got to go to their homes and see where and how they live. I have been praying for them and loving them for a year now with just a picture to know who they are. NOW, I love them for their faithfulness to Jesus, their perseverance in living in the most humble of existences. The stories they shared broke and yet blessed my heart. These women will surely have a special place next to God when they arrive in Heaven.

After visiting with these widows god has given Harrell and me a grand dream to one day build a home for the elderly here. What a ministry this would be to reach them for Christ and to live their Autumn years out surrounded by love and comfort. I know that God is able to supply the needs for this and we look to him to answer our prayers We would just ask you to join in with us to pray that GOD will bring this dream, this vision to pass.
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"

Until we see you again or at the next time I write may God bless you all with love, peace, joy and grace through HIM.