Friday, November 21, 2008

God Blesses in Asia

As Harrell reflected back on his trip to Viet Nam and to the islands of Philippines, he began sharing all that God had done for him and how the field was wide open in the Philippines. His stories about Viet Nam are both exciting and yet sad. The country is a Communist government so they have no religious freedom to meet whenever they want to worship the Lord. Yet God lead us to a wonderful pastor who has put up with persecution and interference from the government and continues to go forward for God! How exciting to know we still have saints out there that are willing to endure whatever Satan throws at them to serve.

Harrell also had the opportunity to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels and see where a lot of the Vietnamese soldiers lived. Check it out on YouTube and see where my big 6' 5'' sweetheart went. It's not so amazing until you realize he is very claustrophobic! It made him physically ill but he said he had to experience it for himself. He met many little widow women who are in desperate need of help and God laid on his heart to help 10 widows through our Widow's Ministry. He is also setting up a Feeding Center there. He found that there very few orphans because the people are very family oriented and if the parents die the children are always taken in by some family member. We are excited about the new works God is allowing us to work with over there.

Harrell and Brother Woody Godbey, pastor of the Trinity Baptist Temple in Fort Worth, Texas, then flew over to Ceba, Philippines. Brother Godbey had already had contact with this church and was helping a pastor there. Brother Ambro has a wonderful church there and is doing so much for the Lord. Harrell met a lot of young preacher boys that are on fire for God and just waiting for the opportunity to serve the Lord. Three of them are sleeping in a loft area in the church on rice mats for their beds and are so happy for the chance to be trained by Pastor Ambro to serve the Lord. They went out and feed about 125 children. Through this Harrell is helping the church set up a Feeding Center there to feed these children and to share the Gospel with them. They were blessed with over 50 souls saved on the day the went out and fed the children.
Through this trip Harrell feels God would have us take on 10 widows, at least 3 pastors and establish 2 Feeding Centers. Pray with us that God will supply the needed finances for these new ministries and that we will see souls saved and lives changed.