Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Precious Grand Children


Well, I tried to wait but just couldn't! I have some really great pictures of our grand children and I want to share them with you. It's amazing how much you can love those babies! I mean, I love my son and my daughter more than words can express, but when I hold any one of my 3 grand children, my heart just melts. Especially when little Lily Jean, who I call my Lily Bud, wraps her chubby little arms around me and pats me on the arms, I feel like I have just been blessed with the most precious gift I could ever receive!  Lily is a curious little girl who has a streak of the adventurer in her.  She started walking at 9 months. I don't mean holding on to stuff, I'm talking about arms out to the side like wings and plowing through anything that got in her way! I guess because she has 2 older siblings she just figured if she was going to get to be with them she was going to have to stay up! 

What a joy she is to me and her Pappy. She loves her Pappy! When she sees him she gets all stiff, clenches her fists and kind of growls at him! Needless to say Harrell just loves that.  He is such a great grand dad to the kids. I love seeing him playing and interacting with them.

Lily turned 1 year old on February 22 and we were able to be there for her party. She had a blast eating her cake which she really got into! She even had it under her toes, but that didn't stop her!

I wish I could recapture that feeling of excitement, that newness that she experiences with each new day! Her face shows it all!!                  

  Lily is so excitable and she really shows exactly how she feels all the time!! 

Jacob was so happy with his Spiderman umbrella. He drug it around with him and even ate with it at the table. I can't wait for him to actually get to use it in the rain!
He got all kids of other toys and had a blast playing with everything. It was almost like having  a birthday party for him and Lydia also!

Lydia Mae, our little princess,was so thrilled with her princess umbrella that she took it to bed with her that night! That and her yellow high heels! I can't believe how much they have grown and how well their parents are doing in raising them. 
If I sound a little braggadocios it's because I have reason to be. God has blessed me with 3 of the most precious jewels in my crown of old age! All I can say is thank you Jesus for this gift you have bestowed upon me!

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