Saturday, May 17, 2008

How much does a meal cost in an airport?

We left for Romania on the 15th from Greensboro, NC after a great week of meetings at Grace Baptist Church. We ended the revival celebrating National Buttermilk biscuit day! Now who would have ever thought that there would be a day for biscuits? I'm not opposed to a day of celebration over any type of food, but you have to wonder who gets the job of sitting around and deciding what "things" get a day of celebration? Makes you wonder don't it?

It was our first time to travel through Greensboro and I can't say it was any different than the last 50 airports we've been through. A chance to be run through the Security gate like a herd of cattle, take off your shoes, now your belt, okay empty your pockets cause you must be hiding a bomb somewhere in there. No Ma'am you cannot have your shoes back yet! Is this your lip gloss? Now it's mine! Can you please open your carry on.... Oh,that's a purse? It looks big enough to carry a bomb in. Do you have any liquids? No you cannot have 3 bags for liquids, Ma'am. Are you sure all of these drugs are yours? Yes Ma'am you can carry all of the things you had to empty, take off or remove now and can you move it quickly?

Once you get redressed, repacked and rerouted you then realize your hungry. now, airports offer many different types of food to choose from. The Big Guy decided he wanted pizza, so we went in search of pizza. We found some and after ordering a personal pizza each (which would be about the size of 3-4 slices of regular pizza) we get the bill. It cost us $12.00 for those two tiny little pizzas. Big Guy was still hungry so I gave him my pizza and said I'd go get a sandwich. It cost 0ver $8.00! Well, at that point I figured the best place to invest money would be in airport food! Somebody is making a killing on it!

We made it to Budapest an hour late because of delays and then drove the 3 1/2 hours to the children's homes. We are looking forward to some exciting times here. On a sad note 2 of our girls, Dorina and Ana Maria, mother died from cancer today. They had just moved back home a few months ago to be with her. She had dropped down to 55 pounds and had suffered so much that her death was a relief to her and her family. She had claimed to know the Lord and that is all we can go by. Her funeral will be on Monday and we will be there to give support to the girls.

Pray that God will be a witness during this time of sorrow for the girls. We grieve that this has happened but also know that God doesn't make mistakes. I will report more of the happenings as the days go by.

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M_Finney0323 said...

Oh my goodness!! Poor Dorina, and Ani!!! I will be praying for that family!! I cannot their hurt, but if she knew the Lord, they can rejoice that she's not suffering anymore!!! I am happy to hear that you got there safely! We are all praying, and can't wait til revival!! We love you and miss you! Please take care!