Monday, August 6, 2012

The Beginning of a Dream!

    After many years we are finally ready to begin the construction of the new church building for the Liberty Bible Baptist Mission on the island of Negros, Philippines. Pastor Arturo Catamco has been working in this area for about 7 years now and has had to move his "church" 10 times. It's hard enough having to relocate but also so disheartening because in many of the moves he lost church members. Not because they didn't want to move but because the new location of the church was too far for them to walk and they had no money to spare to catch a ride.
    The Brian Noble Children's Foundation was able to purchase a plot of land back in December of 2011 and have been praying that God would send us the money to begin construction. The church will be a 24x18 square feet, two-storied building. We are so excited to start breaking ground now!!
Future site of Liberty Bible Baptist Mission
    In June of 2012 we had the honor of holding their first ever evangelistic revival services under a tent! God blessed us in that 4 day meeting with over 50 souls saved!  God blessed us with such a sweet spirit and a full house every night. It was so thrilling to see both young  and old giving their lives to Jesus Christ.
   With a building here Pastor Catamco can be settled and not have to worry about the greed of landlords who raise the rental of a piece of land so high that he cannot afford to remain there.  Brother Catamco, his wife, Emily and their 5 children will live in a portion of the upstairs area of the church so this will relieve him of having to pay rent for the little place they are staying now.  The Bible is so true when it said," It's more blessed to give than to receive"!!  This will also provide a stable place to have the Feeding program for the children in the area as well as a place to train those who accept Christ as their Savior.
Pastor Arturo Catamco and family

         God has miraculously given us half of the $20,000.00 needed to build this church. As with all building projects there will be over runs and unexpected costs but we are depending on the same GOD who brought in the money to begin with!
     We are making plans to go back over to Guihulngan, Negros Oriental, PH on August the 14th  to meet with the Engineer and Contractor to set up a schedule of building.  We ask that you would please pray for us as we begin this project that JESUS WILL BE GLORIFIED AND HIS HAND WILL BE ON US.      If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause you can give through the PayPal account on the side bar. All gifts are so very much appreciated and they are tax deductible.

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