Friday, August 10, 2012

A Little Time Alone...

   I'm sitting here all alone in the quite because my grand children have gone to the church to help their momma and daddy work for a little bit. It is so amazing just how quite it seems after the noise and commotion of 3 kids playing with all of their might all around me. I love the life, the energy, the total abandonment of their imaginations. 

   Jacob, who will be 8 years old in December is so obsessed with Legos! He has such a vivid imagination when it comes to building with these tiny little blocks! He has never seen an episode of Star Wars but has a Wii game for it so he knows everything about Star Wars without having seen a single movie!! Go figure! I have had a fantastic time spoiling him and giving him stuff and loving on him! About every 3 days he will walk up to me and measure how talk he is next to me!!! His Pappy keeps telling him that measuring against nanny isn't very tall! He doesn't care, he just wants to grow!! He tells me that as soon as he grows up he wants to "go around the world like Pappy and Nanny"! I'm waiting for that too.
   It's hard to believe he's in the second grade already! He loves school, especially since his momma is his teacher! Lena has been home schooling since last year and the kids love it. Well, they enjoy most of it! I can't wait to see what God has in store for this little man of ours. Of course, my prayer is that God will call him to preach and that he will either be a pastor or a missionary.

   Lydia Mae is and always will be my little Princess! She is such a beauty and loves to dress up. I laughed at her yesterday because she changed her clothes at least 6 times in one day!!! And she has a wild love for all SHOES!!!! I wonder where she gets that from, all at the age of six years old? We got up this morning and her daddy (that's Brad) was telling them he had a surprise for the kids. He was going to surprise them with a trip to the park to play before they went to the church to work. The first thing out of Lydia's mouth was, "OH, Daddy! Are you taking me to the MALL?" We got a big laugh out of that and told her dad that it was starting already.
   Lydia has such a sweet heart and she is a great helper in whatever you need to do. She is the one who will ask to help you or start picking up things. It has been a joy to be with her these days and see my baby girl growing into such a sweet little thing. Don't get me wrong...she is definitely a Drama Queen when she wants to be! I am praying that God will guide her and help her to grow in grace and beauty for HIM. She likes most of her schooling but would much rather be painting her fingernails. 

Lily Jean is so full of life that I need a nap after spending time with her! I couldn't find my iPad and so I know to just go ask Lily where she put it. I was looking for a picture to send to a pastor and found over 50 pictures she had taken of herself!!! SHE'S FOUR YEARS OLD!!! I asked her how she did it and she proceeded to show me how to use the camera and put special effects on the pictures. She looked at me as to say, "Well, Duh, Nanny!"  I think her mom and dad are going to have their hands full with this one! She keeps me laughing and looking for what she's going to come up with next! The greatest thing that has happened with Lily is that she accepted Jesus as her Savior in July and we were blessed to be here to see her baptized. She crawled up in my lap and told me she was going to get baptized in the churches swimming pool! Hmmmm? makes you wonder if she's been swimming in it before! I am praying that God will use her and her energy to make a difference in people all around her.  She is that wonderful mixture of prissy and a little bit of a tomboy. She can climb trees while wearing her princess high heels and never miss a beat! She has brought me bugs, leaves and lizards. I told her that was okay BUT, NO SPIDERS!!!!! I am so blessed to have these 3 precious jewels from God. I pray that I can live my life before them that they will never be ashamed of me or my service for the Lord. 


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