Saturday, June 14, 2008

Revival at the Samaritan Baptist Church

We had such a great time with Brother Danny Smith and the Samaritan Baptist Church last week. Brother Smith has been the pastor there since 1981 and the church will celebrate its 50th anniversary this October. We love going there and so far they haven’t gotten too tired of us! We started holding revivals for Samaritan Baptist Church around 1989 and have been going there almost every year since then. Brother Danny has been going through a battle with his health lately and we all are praying that God will work a miracle in him. He is the most upbeat pastor I know of. If you’re ever feeling down or just need a lift, all you have to do is talk to Preacher Smith and you will go away feeling better.

We had 2 sweet ladies from this church go with us to Romania on our 2007 Christmas trip. They have become my “Buddies”, my “Shopping Compadres”, and my prayer partners. Brenda and Michelle proved to be two of the best “shoppers and wrappers” I have had the pleasure of spending money with!! They are planning on going back this year and bringing 4 other ladies from the church also!! Whoopee, look out stores in Romania! I’m bringing an army this time!! The best mental picture I can give you of the time there is The Big Guy totin’ shopping bags and trying to keep a gaggle of women out of trouble!! Now you know how to pray for the Christmas Trip!!!

This church also has a large number of people who sponsor our children from the orphanage. So you can see the tight connection we have been blessed with at the Samaritan Baptist Church in Winston Salem, North Carolina. If your ever driving through there you need to stop in and the members will make you feel so at home you’ll almost kick your shoes off and stay a while! Thank you Brother Danny and all of the dear members who make us feel so loved but so unworthy of it also!

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Brenda said...

You guys are the best! I wish you could come back for our fall revival. I only heard 3 out of 6 sermons, even though I was there for all 6 (nursery duty called), but they were wonderful, as always. It is such a blessing to have you with us at Samaritan, but it makes me so sad to see you leave. Michelle and I miss the children and you so much, and we just can't wait until time for our Romania trip in December (although we really don't want to "wish our lives away"). I am praying hard about the van situation. I know God will work out something so you can have the transportation you need. Keep me posted on your comings and goings so I know when to pray extra for traveling mercies. Love you!! Brenda