Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Travels and lessons learned...

This blogging stuff is all new to me and I keep thinking that this can’t be too hard to do… then I try to add things on to my “sidebar” or stick a picture into a certain place and everything goes berswacky! The really distressing thing is that I have a book right next to me!! Who said it was so easy that anyone can do it? I’m sure it had to be that guy who wrote the book! Well, I hope you can have a little patience with me as I learn and when something doesn’t work just tell yourself that surely she’ll get it right eventually.

I think God looks at us serving Him in the same way. We have HIS Book, the Bible, right beside us with all of the instructions right in front us and we still mess up over and over! I am so glad we serve a Savior who forgives all our mistakes… I know I keep Him busy!

We begin revival services at the Chesterton Baptist Church On Sunday the 4th of May. We have known Brother Henderson and his family for close to 20 years and it has been a joy to see his children grow up, marry and have children of their own and faithfully serving the Lord. That is a mark of faithfulness and love for their parents. We travel on to Randleman, North Carolina for revival with the Grace Baptist Church where Brother Marvin Patterson has pastored for many years. Then we go back to Romania the rest of May and into June.

We have a Baptismal service planned for our 1st Gypsy church in Belfir and hopefully we will be able to get the building program started for the 2nd Gypsy church in Gurbediu. We are close to having the third Gypsy church in Bertin closed in and ready to start on the interior.

Help us pray for the $3000.00 needed to finish this church.

The Church in Bertin, Romania and our Gypsy congregation there.

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