Monday, April 28, 2008

The Beginning of a Journey

Today continues the journey we began in 1975 as a young married couple dedicated to serving the Lord in whatever capacity He chose for us. I look back over the last 33 years and I can't believe where God has brought us to. From living in a grayhound bus we had converted into a travel trailer and raising 3 kids to adulthood to now being missionaries to Romania! If you had told me all those years ago that one day I'd be serving in a foriegn country I would have told you "No Way! I like Wal-Marts, Krogers and Malls way to much to leave America."
Little did we know how God was preparing us for what HE had in store for us later in life. I guess if we all could see what the future held for us we'd go screaming down the streets looking for a rock to hide under. My precious husband and I were blessed with three perfect children. Brian was born in 1976, Leslee in 1978 and Brad in 1980. We figured we'd have a wonderful life just traveling and singing together. Again God had a different plan. In 1986 our son Brian died in an epileptic seizure after being plagued with seizures all of his life. We really thought he was getting better and on the day the space shuttle Challenger blew up, our son, Brian, died. It was a valley I thought I'd never find my way out of, but I found God was in the midst of my deepest grief. When I felt like I'd never see another sunrise or have another smile in my heart God focused my eyes to see my other 2 children who were grieving also. I realized they were hurting and needed us more than anything else. So God showed me healing and recovery through 2 small faces that were tear stained and needing a mother's comfort.
After all of those years ago we found the same sad, grieving and hurting faces but it was in the faces of little Romanian children who had been abandoned by their mothers. Most of the children we deal with came from the Maternity Hospital. Their mothers go in and give a false name and after they deliver they walk out and leave these babies to whatever life they might have. We don't have any "babies" any more but these that God has blessed us with that range from the ages of 3 to 18 years old are all precious to us.
I hope to tell you more with each entry. Sharing the things that have happened while we traveled on the roads here in America and all of the things that happen in Romania. Enjoy!
Jeannie amd Harrell

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Brenda said...

Jeannie: Michelle forwarded your e-mail to me about your blog. I am about clueless when it comes to these things, too (so I hope I commenting the right way so you will actually see it)! I have a friend that is all about them, but I just don't have time to do the things I should do, much less extra fun things like reading blogs. Of course, for you, that will be a different story. I had to check out the pictures. I miss you guys and the children in Romania so VERY MUCH!! I had a crazy dream about you the other night that when you came in June, your hair had turned orange, green, white, and gray in spots all over and was short and curly! I felt so bad for you! I was sure glad to wake up and realize it was only a dream! Oh, the picture of Lydia in the pig tails with the big cheesy grin is the cutest thing! I am so excited that you're coming to Randleman -- I just looked it up, and we are only 45 minutes away!! Michelle and I will most certainly be there one night to see you two! Take care!! Love and prayers, Brenda