Saturday, October 27, 2012

They That Wait Upon The Lord....

    I think as a child of God one of the hardest things I do is... WAIT!  I'm so busy in "the doing" of the ministry, and even find myself sometimes trying to tell God how I THINK the best way for him to answer my prayers,  that I miss the lessons and the blessings HE has for me in the waiting.  As we raise finances to finish the building of the church in the Philippines I have to learn that God is in control and he knows what is best for us. I want to see the church completed and ready for the church members to begin having services in it right now, but I must remind myself that God knows the future and what will be best for us and for the church members! He has told me quite often that HE can work things out just fine without my help!

   We are so excited at the progress that has been made on the Liberty Bible Baptist Mission in Negros, Philippines. Unfortunately, we have had to put it on hold until we can raise more finances for it! The construction crew have the first floor finished and were ready to start on the second floor,but are now just waiting on us to raise enough money to do the next stage.

   We're getting closer to the Christmas Season and that brings us to our most special time of serving The Lord. Our Christmas Gift Giving program.  We are looking at supplying gifts for 3600 children this year. We cannot do it by ourselves, it takes the love and help of ALL our friends to make this happen! For a gift of $25.00 YOU can give a Christmas Gift to a child who would receive nothing without your help.This $25.00 will purchase a new pair of shoes, a backpack, a toy, fruit and candy. It also make a way for us to be able to preach to the child's family members and bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ's birth to those who have never heard. It gives us a chance to tell them what Christmas is all about and why Jesus was born. God has always blessed us with a great harvest of souls saved each year. If you want to donate towards this or the church building project you can safely do this through the PayPal button to the right.  I will post more pictures of the new church building a post more about the Christmas Program next week! Hope to see you then.

Love and Gratitude from  a Gypsy For Jesus

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